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Composite Part Manufacturing


WIth Fabheads composite 3D printing and hybrid fabrication processes, a new generation of design/manufacturing possibilities arise! Fabheads offers end-to-end manufacturing services for composite parts in an extremely lesser lead time with high precision and quality.


With a dedicated design team, at Fabheads, we work with our clients to help them with either design optimisation or fabrication. Collaborate with us and let’s explore a whole new range of design possibilities!

Applications / Use Cases

Catering to a wide range of industries where light weighting and high performance are of utmost importance

Fabrication Services

Fabheads offers customized hybrid processes – combining the power, precision and flexibility of Composite 3D printing with the time-tested traditional fabrication processes, we effectively create one overall fabrication process blueprint to make that part perfect – be it in strength, precision and cost effectiveness!

Composite 3D Printing

Fabheads’ series of in-house developed 3D printers are capable of printing continuous fiber reinforced parts. FibrBots – a series of 3D printers developed by Fabheads – are a one of a kind in the world. They can be used to print even large parts of 1.5 m long. FibrBots open up a new world of possibilities with its capabilities!

Manual Layups

Fabheads, besides being specialised in advanced automated technologies, also is capable of various methods of traditional hand lyup processes including vacuum and infusion assisted processes.

Composite Mold

At Fabheads, with our expertise in exploiting the power of composite printing and manual hand layups, composite molds can be made precisely and extremely faster for any applications and any requirements.


Multiple material combinations and multiple fabrication schemes possible with the help of Fabheads’ technologies and processes, any kind of hybrid part can be made feasible!

Collaborate With Fabheads

Design Collaboration

Fabheads’ dedicated team of experienced engineers will be happy to assist with your design team to take your designs to the next level. Be it to help optimise for strength or for weight or performance or lifetime, our team will be glad to help you out.

Let’s explore the world of design possibilities that comes composite 3D printing, together!

Prototyping Partner

If you are in the space of design and development involving composite parts, Fabheads is your perfect prototyping partner! Fabheads’ in-house technologies like 3D printing composites and moldfree fabrication will come extremely handy to make quick and precise prototypes!

Production planning

If you are in the early stages of your development cycle and wish to have assistance on prototyping, limited production and/or volume production and intend to plan accordingly, the experienced hands from Fabheads will be happy to help you out. You ought to have a Fabheads Experience to see the difference!

Production Partner

Fabheads, armed with a series of state-of-the-art 3D printers and hybrid manufacturing schemes, cater to a wide range of industries as Production Partner. Collaborate with us to explore a new age of high-quality, high-precision, high strength part fabrication with extremely lesser lead times!

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