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We Are Fabheads

Fabheads specialises in composites part manufacturing sector. Also in tandem, Fabheads focuses a lot of their resources on developing better, more reliable, automated fabrication technologies for the composites sector. Ever since incorporation, Fabheads has went on to become the first company in Asia with in-house developed fiber 3D printing capabilities, got several awards for their innovative work in the composites fabrication sector and continue to keep setting themselves newer and bigger targets leading to an eventual complete automation in the composite manufacturing sector.

Our Journey

Dhinesh Kanagaraj

Founder and CEO

Dhinesh Kanagaraj established Fabheads ‘layer by layer’ after gathering extensive experience from reputed organizations such as ISRO, etc. He started his work on Composite Materials right from when he was studying in IIT-M. Dhinesh started Fabheads in his flat with a small team of interns and was soon able to get incubated by IIT Research Park within a year. Dhinesh is never just a CEO. He likes to get down in the trenches and get his hands dirty in building Fabheads’ 3D printers. Dhinesh is invested in the long term possibilities of composite part fabrication and he believes in creating an ecosystem for technological growth. He mentors and consults for the student community in their ambitious projects and loves nurturing their curiosity towards composite materials and their possibilities.

Abhijeet Rathore


Abhijeet is a passionate entrepreneur and technocrat. He is a Robotics enthusiast ever since his time in IIT Delhi, and has been building robots and machinery ever since. The same passion took him to ISRO as a composite design engineer. His contributions in ISRO include the design of the largest carbon-fiber payload fairing in India for Mk-III launch vehicle, carbon-fiber payload adaptor for Chandrayaan-2, carbon-carbon Nose cap for re-entry vehicles, carbon-fiber grid fins for human space mission, etc. He quit ISRO to pursue his entrepreneurial spirit by starting Youstart – an Edtech and Software startup. Keeping it a bootstrapped company, he brought in business from over 50+ countries over 4 years, while also developing innovative software products as the CTO. Abhijeet is an avid author on Space systems and Software alike. He is an ardent Elon Musk fan and similarly believes in solving humanity’s problems using innovative technologies.

Our Team

Akshay Ballal – Chief Product Officer

Praveen SK – Head, Operations

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